Photoshoots & Family Events

In this section I set out prices for photoshoots and family events, together with special packages for multiple bookings, NCT groups and parents-to-be.   

If you book me for a photoshoot you will get:
• Photoshoot lasting 2 to 3 hours
• Disc of 50+ images, all fully post-processed

This costs £350 and works really well for:
• a family photoshoot, including pets if you so wish!
• an engagement photoshoot
• a portfolio shoot for a model, or a shoot for anyone who fancies being a model for a day! A photoshoot would make a great birthday present for a teenage girl, and she can bring her friends along for part of it too.

Event coverage
If you book me to cover a party or other event (excluding weddings) you will get:
• Coverage of up to 3 hours
• Disc of around 80 images, fully post-processed

This costs £375 and works really well for:
• Children's party
• Baptism or bar mitzvah and after party
• Birthday, anniversary, engagement party
This option cannot be used for weddings. 

Two bookings for less

If you and your friend both book photoshoots with me you pay £275 each and you both get the full packages above!  Or if you make two bookings at the same time (e.g. party coverage one month, photoshoot the next) you will pay £550 for both together.  

NCT groups and other groups
If you and your NCT friends are all interested in having photoshoots, but are happy to have a reduced number of images, you can all book together for back-to-back photoshoots at the same location. This option gives each of you fewer images than you would get from a standard photoshoot, but there is a significant price saving. 

You get:

• Back to back photoshoots, one hour per family
• 30+ images each, fully post-processed
This costs £190 per family. Minimum of four families per booking.

If you would like to chart your baby's development, right from the last stages of your pregnancy, you can book a double bump and newborn shoot with me. This includes a bump shoot about 2 or 3 weeks before your due date, followed by a newborn photoshoot immediately after your little one has arrived.

This costs £400 and you get:
• Two photoshoots lasting two hours each
• 60+ images in total between the two shoots, fully post-processed